• The paradox of leadership - There is a term that strikes fear into the heart of many Cursillistas, it is “School of Leaders”. Specifically, the term Leader. “It seems elitist – not for me, after all, I don’t see myself… Continue reading
  • Back to School Special - Welcome.  Close your eyes for a moment. I want you to go back in time and remember your childhood, the night before your first day of school.  Maybe your stomach was doing flip flops, or… Continue reading
  • Planning Talents Needed - Share your talents with the Cursillo community! We are seeking 3rd Day committee members to make our upcoming Cursillo weekends successful. 3rd Day Committee Our 3rd Day team is seeking an additional member or two… Continue reading
  • Palanca - Get ready to storm Heaven with prayers for the upcoming Cursillo weekend! Help us surround the candidates, team, and support volunteers with God’s love and light by offering palanca and writing letters to the candidates and team… Continue reading
  • Make a Gift for the Future - Make a monthly gift to support the mission of Catholic Cursillo of Cincinnati. Here's how your gift will help! Continue reading
  • An Invitation to School - School is important because it gives the building blocks necessary to do many things: critically analyze, read, perform mathematical functions, write, etc. Without these building blocks, people would not understand some of the things necessary… Continue reading
  • Advent 2018 – A message from Fr. Rey - Advent 2018: Oh, come! Oh, come! Emmanuel! Come! A message from Fr. Rey Taylor Continue reading
  • Blooming where we are planted… - On one Monday evening just a few weeks ago about 20 ladies from the South Dayton Ultreya gathered at the home of Maureen Russell to do something they have done for the past eight years… Continue reading

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