Cursillo Weekends begin on Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. Plan to leave early enough in the afternoon to stop and have dinner with your Sponsor. Arrive on time and relax! Your sole purpose is to participate in the Weekend! The Weekend will end late Sunday afternoon, and your Sponsor will provide transportation home after dinner that evening.

Throughout the weekend participants will pray together, attend daily mass, have an opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation and attend Eucharistic Adoration. Typically, by the end of the weekend, candidates have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and a better understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Also, candidates leave the weekend knowing that they have been called to share the Word of God with those around them.

The Cursillo Movement is an encounter with Christ.  It promotes a spiritual revitalization of ourselves and the world around us.  By living a fully Christian life, we bring Christ to others, including members of our family, school, workplace, parish etc.  Cursillo develops a consciousness that we are called to be spiritual leaders in all aspects of our lives.


Cursillo, which was started in Majorca, Spain in the 1940s by Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló, is a movement that is endorsed and highly encouraged within the Catholic  Church.  The founders were dedicated to helping Catholics know Christ better.  The intention, then and now, is to give participants a renewed spirituality and a clearer understanding of how Christ can work through them to change the environments in which they live.

The Cursillo Movement came to the United States in 1957.  That first weekend was held in Texas and was conducted in Spanish.  The first weekend in Cincinnati was held in 1962, more than 50 years ago.

Learn more about Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló and the roots of the Cursillo Movement on the National Cursillo website.

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