Back to School Special

Welcome.  Close your eyes for a moment. I want you to go back in time and remember your childhood, the night before your first day of school.  Maybe your stomach was doing flip flops, or you had butterflies in your stomach.  Maybe you were filled with anticipation to meet the new teacher or see your friends after a long summer break.  Whatever you were feeling you were excited and a little apprehensive of the unknown, but when you showed up the next morning it was like you were just there yesterday and you had a feeling of being home.

The School of Leaders welcomes you back to school as well.  For those who have not been for a while, I extend my hand to you and encourage you to join us on September 14th, 9:30 AM at St. Margaret Mary Church in North College Hill.  It will be like coming Home again.

I want to suggest to you this.  If I told you that I had a financial manager that was awesome and every client they have is making hundreds of thousands in returns and his clients are set for life, no worries…  would you be a little interested?  Wouldn’t you want to be set for life too?

Isn’t the Holy Spirit our Spiritual Manager?  Aren’t we all wanting to sit at the table that Our Lord Jesus Christ has prepared for us?  I suggest that one part of the journey is the Cursillo Method, Piety, Study, Action, our Friendship Group, Ultreya, Closings, and School of Leaders.  We have the tools to be set for our eternal life, but we have to take a lifetime journey with Christ.

I pray that YOU prayerfully consider coming Back to School, to see your old friends and make new friends.  Friends that are of like mind and want to sit at the table of the Lord with YOU.

Blessings to you ALL and have a safe and joyous Labor Day Weekend.


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